What comprises Healthy Eating?
When we think of healthy eating, it mainly is thought of as it is for the nourishment of the body. However, it is not just for the body, it also is to nourish your mind and soul. If any aspect of eating is depriving either of, something is not quite right. And to help you get it right, let’s look at the basics of healthy eating.
There are 5 main food groups that are included in healthy eating :

1: Carbohydrates
Carbohydrate is the main source of energy for your body, even if you are thinking of losing weight, you do need carbs, yes you read it right. Choose wholemeal option and monitor your portions.

2: 5 a day
Frozen, tinned or fresh, it does not matter; it all gives the same nutrition. Make sure the tinted fruit is not in sugar syrup though. Spread this out across the day and with a little bit of planning it is very easy to achieve your 5 a day.

3: Protein
Some of the most common sources of protein are lentils, pulses, fish, meat and eggs. Choose more lean meat and in line with the more sustainable eating, perhaps think of having at least 2 meat-free days. Reduce the quantity of meat in the diet by swapping half the quantity with lentils. Have a portion of oily fish about once a week. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, with so many meat alternatives available, it is not difficult to meet your protein need.

4: Milk & Milk alternative
Milk is known by many for its Calcium content. And yes, it provides one of the best-absorbed sources of calcium. If you are having milk alternatives, ensure that it is fortified with calcium. A glass of milk, small matchbox size cheese and a small pot of yogurt are enough to meet your daily requirements of Calcium.

5: Oils and spreads
You don’t need to ban this from your house. Think of quantity.Use sparingly and try low-fat options. Choose options that are low in saturated fats. Eg; made from olive oil Sunflower, rapeseed or vegetable oils.

Always remember to have a variety in your diet that ensures a good range of nutrients. And enjoy what you eat.

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