Private consultations 

Private consultations take place either in person, via telephone, or by video call: whichever is most convenient and comfortable for you.  

Consultations provide the chance to talk about your health concerns on a one-to-one basis. Together we will identify positive and achievable goals, and ways to reach them. 

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Care home training 

Sejal’s training is suitable for any care home looking to improve the nutritional wellbeing of their residents.

The bespoke training focuses on pragmatic advice and practical solutions that will improve the health and wellbeing of your residents. 

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Workplace wellbeing  

There’s more to improving diet in the workplace than simply providing a healthy menu in the canteen. With workplace wellbeing services, Sejal will equip your staff with information on how the food they enjoy can inspire them to make healthier choices, making a significant difference to your employees’ lives. 

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Sejal has helped me pick through all the conflicting messages from the press/diet clubs/social media about what a good balanced way of eating is from the view of a qualified medical professional. With that expertise she was able to take into account what would be best in relation to my health conditions. Sejal is great at providing no-nonsense, simple strategies for healthy eating.


I had been struggling with IBS for years. It was really difficult being a uni student to manage my symptoms.I met Sejal and with her help and guidance on low fodmap diet , my symptoms have gone and i have better understanding of what i can and cannot eat. I feel , i have got my life back and am able to enjoy my food and time with friends and family. Thanks Sejal for your help.


I have had a long history of digestive problems and after a colonoscopy late last year decided to try the dietary path (not something, oddly, that doctor or specialist seemed interested in). I contacted Sejal and she was most helpful, after meeting me and putting me onto the Low Fodmap diet .Not the easiest, but I'm no longer on ANY regular medication, bowels are more regular than in a long time and other bad symptoms are gone.Thank you Sejal



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