Sejal is based in the beautiful city of Norwich, England. A consultation with Sejal will provide you with the excellent expert advice that’s required to help you achieve your health goals, and the much-needed support and motivation that will keep you on track. Written dietary information will be provided as part of your consultation.

Private Consultations

If you’re in the Norwich area, or able to travel, Sejal offers private consultations in her clinic. Home visits are also possible – just call for details. Depending on your condition/symptoms you may just need a one-off consultation, or you may require more support with two or more follow-up consultations. Sejal will organise this based on your treatment needs.

Skype Consultations

Skype and telephone consultations are also available. Skype consultations are a novel but effective approach to providing support and advice remotely. They are extremely convenient, allowing you to fit your consultation into your busy schedule from the comfort of your home.

How It Works

At your first appointment a thorough assessment will be carried out, and your medical history (including any medication or treatment you are receiving) will be discussed. Sejal will take the time to listen to you, so she can gain a clear understanding of your concerns, and your goals for your health and nutrition.

In preparation for the consultation you’ll need to keep a record of your daily diet, and, where necessary, a record of your symptoms. Sejal will discuss your lifestyle with you, and look at any factors that may have an impact on your nutrition and health. From this she can give you practical, realistic advice, with recommendations for you to follow.


An initial 1-hour consultation – £75

Follow up consultations (30 mins) – £65