The truth about Portion size Vs Serving size

Over the years portion sizes have grown significantly. Did you know that on an average, about 300 more calories are consumed per day, simply by eating larger portions than needed.

So often people get confused about serving size and portion size. Are they the same or different?

So, let’s make some sense of this:

Serving size: It is the manufacturer’s guide suggesting how much of the food is usually consumed. This can be more or less than the amount that you would eat.

Portion size: Amount of food you actually choose to eat.It can be more or less than the serving size.

At times, both portion and serving sizes can be the same, but not always.

Eg: Nutrition fact label on a box of cereal might suggest 1/2 cup cereal for serving, but you eat 3/4 which is your portion.

It is important to understand that some of the food that come as single-serving can actually have several portions in it.

Some tips to help you monitor your portions:

* Eat from a plate, not a packet : Portion out your food and put the packet away before starting to munch

* Use the right tools: Use smaller plates and bowls to help you control the portions. Small Plate/bowl will look fuller, leaving you satisfied

* When cooking at home: Only serve the right amount and put the extra food away. Save leftovers for another time.

* When dining out: Follow the mantra of Sharing is loving. Share the starters and desserts.

* Eat mindfully: Put away any distractions and enjoy your food.

Rule is to monitor your hunger cues and not eating more than you need. Do not compare your portion size with others because you are unique and so are your body’s requirements.

Remember, it is not always what you eat, it is also how much you eat that matters.

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