Does it matter it is fresh or Frozen?

Growing up, grandma always said to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. When a child, I remember in India, we used to have a vegetable and fruit vendor coming every morning, selling a wide variety of fruit and veg. Anything fresh is perceived to be better. However, is this true for fruit and veg? Answer is NO.

Some of the reasons as why frozen fruit and veg are better:

  • Sustainable: These days we are encouraged living more sustainably. Choosing more frozen alternatives alongside locally produced fresh variety will reduce those carbon footprints.
  • Nutritious : Most of the fruit and vegetables are picked at the peak freshness that means there is no loss of nutrients to natural degradation process. They are further snap frozen right after picking which seals in the nutrients, maintaining the nutrient content. If anything, some of the frozen fruit and veg have slightly higher content.
  • Convenience: They are convenient; washed, cut and ready to use. This makes it easier to get more of this in your diet. They come in so handy for those last minute meal preparations or fixing a healthy meal after a busy day at work. I tend to Keep frozen berries in the freezer for smoothies or adding to the porridge and frozen veggies for stir fry or pulao rice.
  • Cost effective: How often, I am told by my patients that they cannot afford fresh fruit and veg due to the higher price. And because of this, it limits their intake of fruit and veg. Frozen alternatives are lot cheaper and will save you a few pennies.
  • Available all year round: Gone are the days when you could eat certain fruit and veg in specific season. I am not talking about those fruit and veg that have travelled miles from tropical countries. Your supermarket frozen fruit and veg section will have strawberries even in winter.
Use by:
  • Make sure you use the frozen fruit and vegetables by their use by date. If you are freezing your own and if frozen correctly it will usually be good to use within 8 to 10months.
  • Keep in clean containers or bag at the right freezing temperature.
  • Avoid thawing and re-freezing.

Grow your own Freeze your own

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