Can I freeze it ?


As we all are preparing to make sure our pantry and fridge are well stocked.

Here are some ideas on food that you can freeze :

Bread: Baked food products like bread, crumpets, etc will freeze well. If your toaster does not have the defrost option, you can defrost it in the fridge overnight or in the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Pasta: If all dried pasta is sold out, you can buy fresh pasta and that will freeze and defrost very easily. For defrosting just pour hot water over.

Fruit and vegetables: Frozen options sold out? No worries, you can chop up fresh fruit and veg and freeze them in individual Tupperware boxes.

Batch cooking: Think about batch cooking a few meals and freezing them.

Cheese: Hard cheese like cheddar and Gouda freeze well. You can freeze butter as well.Buy a block of cheese, grate it and store in a Tupperware box.

Milk: Did you know that you can freeze milk as well? Yes, you can. Just defrost it fully in the fridge before use. Make sure you freeze it in a sealed condition.

Safety measures:

  • Make sure food is kept in an air-tight container or in freezing bags.
  • Never re-freeze defrosted food. It should be consumed immediately.
  • Make sure any warm food is cooled before freezing it.
  • Check out The Food standard Agency website for more info on frosting and defrosting food products. Defrosting frozen food properly is very important.​

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