Food Service Industry

Food Service Industry

Our environment heavily shapes the types of food we eat, how much we drink, and how active we are. Therefore, creating the right environment can empower people to take more responsibility for their health, and educate them so they can make healthier choices.

The Public Health Responsibility Deal was launched in 2011 by the Government with the goal of helping businesses improve public health through their influence over food, physical activity, alcohol and health in the work place. Many restaurants and food outlets have signed up to this deal, offering information on calories and other key nutrients in their food. This helps customers choose healthier foods, so adds value and customer satisfaction

Professional Guidance

Interpreting nutritional guidelines and calculating nutritional analysis is often time consuming and requires professional support. Sejal is trained in accurate analysis of recipes for a variety of uses. She can provide the guidance and assistance needed to modify your menus and recipes, helping you and your customers to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more, or see how Sejal can help you, contact her directly on 07595 438176. She’ll be very pleased to discuss your requirements and provide necessary guidance.